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Also me: 

  • recovering perfectionist
  • former yo-yo dieter
  • mom/stepmom of 4
  • born worrier turned warrior

I'm Miri,
Your guide to light, healthy, confident, and free.

I'm Miri,
Your guide to light, healthy, confident, & free.

hey there! 

Over 20 years ago, I started researching the best practices to solve my challenges with:
  • Hating my body
  • Hating what I saw in the mirror
  • Not appreciating what my body could do
  • Not knowing when I was hungry or full
  • Using food for comfort, distraction, a break, or to cope with anxiety and upset
  • Overeating, binge-eating, yo-yo dieting
  • Feeling like I was never "good enough"
  • Anticipating comments about my weight
  • Obsessing over judgment and "mindreading" what others thought of me
  • Avoiding social situations because I was afraid I'd be judged
  • Feeling like the "big girl" in any group

That's when I discovered yoga and breathwork, which brought me a sense of peace I had never experienced.  I had always played sports and been active, but never felt so open, so "in my body," so free.

I found that I was less hungry and that when I saw "trigger" foods (cookies!), I could take them or leave them.  I began to *enjoy* movement, rather than do it to be skinny.  I stopped to think about what I really wanted when I reached for food, and I gave myself the comfort, soothing, rest, distraction, pleasure, or love I craved.

I read all self-help books about healing your relationship with food, with your body, with not living up to societal ideals of beauty. 

When I went to graduate school for psychology, I learned to consume psychological and behavioral research and apply it to my own life to make meaningful changes.  I became certified as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), which is a fancy way of saying I know how to change the environment to facilitate change in humans and animals. 

During the pandemic, I fulfilled a dream to get certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT).  I married the science-backed strategies from grad school with the yoga, mindfulness, and movement that worked for me and my friends.   

That's how Mindful Miri Method was born... 

Now, my mission is to empower
1 MILLION BUSY WOMEN to feel light, healthy, confident, and free via online mindfulness courses.

Study at your own pace

tailored to the busy mom lifestyle


Follow a proven roadmap

made for busy moms

I know what's like to work full-time inside or outside the home, chauffeur the kids around, walk the dog, make lunches, do homework with kids, sign reading logs, wipe noses and butts, kiss boo boos, handle sass, try not to lose your temper, lose your temper anyway, tackle laundry, soothe criers,  make dinner, meet deadlines, respond to  emails and texts, handle office/ social drama, take care of aging parents, try to find time to work out and eat right, not eat any fries off the kids' plates, keep in touch with girlfriends, hit the salon, shave your legs, volunteer, stay up-to-date on current events, spend time with your partner, and curate your chaotic life to look ideal on social media.

no psychobabble here

This is the only program of its kind to focus on the inner work needed to reconnect you to your body's sensations, teach you to honor its signals, identify what you're getting out of existing behaviors, and help you step off the weightloss treadmill and liberate the real you. 

I have spent the last 20 years studying yoga, mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, behavior analysis, and body acceptance research. I distill the most important concepts into easy-to-digest practices and share relatable stories to get you all the science without the psychobabble.  

loving yourself

taking great care of yourself

rocking that body

savoring & relishing food without guilt 

Creating sustainable habits that you look forward to 

Feeling more balanced, and rested

Feeling in Alignment with mind, body, hopes, dreams

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


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